About Click and call®

Click and Call offers online customer engagement tools and simplified browser calling solutions. One of our featured products is the Click and Call browser to phone (landline or cell) platform, which with a click, initiates a voice connection between your customer browsing on your website and your company representative, as long as they have speakers and a microphone on their computer. By addressing customer needs in real time, you reduce website abandonment, increase customer satisfaction and generate more sales for your company.

Imagine the convenience of browsing a website, seeing a product that you like and want to order, and with the click of a mouse you can be connected to the company’s representative to either inquire about or purchase a product, without the need of a phone–just simply click and call and make a call via your internet browser!

Using advanced technology, you are put in touch with your customers, immediately, from your website. Having customers remain on your website, then contact you directly means business for you.

Think of the trouble you will save your customer’s when they do not have to worry about locating your telephone number through your website, writing down or trying to memorize your phone number, close their web app and open up their phone app and then dial the number.
With calling solutions already available today, your customers, even those not comfortable with technology, can be in touch without effort, making it easier for you to capture your visitors interest when they are most motivated!

Click and Call