Talk to your customers instantly


  • 60% improvement of conversion rate by offering visitors real-time assistance as they browse your site
  • 55% reduction in website abandonment by addressing customer needs in real-time
  • 70% or more of website visitors likely to contact a company that provides Click and Call Solutions
  • 80% of shoppers see real-time help as a useful tool when shopping online
  • Provide a higher level of customer service to your online shoppers

Tailored Solutions

  • Time-Day Control allows you to select business hours/days so customers can only call you when you’re open
  • IVR – play a pre-recorded message while the customer is being connected to you
  • Call Button – custom design your call button with your company logo in jpg, png or gif format
  • Custom design your logo with extention dialing keypad

Fast and Easy

  • Fast and easy one-time setup – simply copy and paste widget code to your site
  • No plugins, extensions, downloads or software – all web based
  • Easy-to-create and install buttons
  • Phone and email support are available from our team to answer any questions you may have


  • Connect using any mobile or landline phone
  • Works with Macs, PC, IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  • Customized Mobile Apps available for iOS and Android. Contact us for more info
  • Install Click and Call on any website

Security and Privacy

  • SSL enryption
  • Servers hosted in a secure data center
  • Set maximum call duration to prevent abuse
  • Blacklist system to block unwanted calls
  • Option to display your own privacy policy